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Denver, CO (PRWEB) December 18, 2014

Iron deficiency is a prevalent issue in the Middle East. U.S. / U.A.E. companies collaborate to bring unique iron supplement to the region.

Colorado Biolabs, Inc. (Colorado, USA) and Itrom Trading Drug Store (Dubai, UAE) join forces to address iron deficiency in the UAE and the Middle East.

Colorado Biolabs, Inc. (CBL) and Itrom Trading Drug Store (ITDS) are pleased to officially announce a strategic alliance designed to bring Proferrin® ES, a unique iron supplement, to residents of the UAE and other countries in the Middle East. This morning Dr. Ismail Soboh, the Managing Director of ITDS stated, “We have a high incidence of iron deficiency in the region and Proferrin® ES offers an easily assimilated and well-tolerated form of oral iron supplementation that will help us address this issue”. Michael Guthrie, CEO of CBL further stated, “It has been our goal to introduce Proferrin® ES to the region for many years. We are extremely pleased that CBL and ITDS have been able to join forces to make this product introduction a reality. We know that Proferrin® ES will benefit many people and that ITDS and its partners will do a great job with Proferrin® ES throughout the region.” The key ingredient in Proferrin® ES is Proferrin® brand Heme Iron Polypeptide (HIP). CBL’s Proferrin® brand HIP provides the highest available iron absorption without the dietary restrictions associated with other forms of iron supplementation. Unlike other iron products and since HIP is a natural food, it can be taken with food and still retain its outstanding absorption characteristics. In fact, with a standardized meal HIP has demonstrated the ability to increase serum iron 23x greater than does a traditional iron salt on a mg. per mg. basis.1 This allows for excellent iron supplementation using far less iron, leading to a stellar GI side effect profile. Additionally, HIP absorption does not require acidification via addition of Vitamin C. This fact is important because co-administration of Iron and Vitamin C have been associated with oxidative stress in the gastric mucosa, which can lead to ulceration. 2 Proferrin® brand HIP is manufactured in the United States by Colorado Biolabs, Inc. and Proferrin® iron supplements were introduced into the U.S market in 2001. Proferrin® was introduced to Canada in 2003 and is currently available throughout Canada. Proferrin® brand products are also available in the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico. For more information about Proferrin® and Colorado Biolabs, Inc., visit the company online at . To learn more about Itrom Trading Drug Store please visit

1 – Seligman, P.A., et al, Nutrition Research, 2000. 20(9):1279-86. 

2 – Fisher, A. EO and Naughton, D.P., Nutrition Journal 2004, 3:2 .

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