The Hepcidin Response and Iron

The Hepcidin Response and Iron

What is the Hepcidin Response?

Maintaining the correct iron balance is crucial to good health, particularly since the body has no means to excrete excess iron.Iron regulation is the job of hepcidin, a peptide hormone produced in the liver.  Hepcidin regulates iron in the same way that a room thermostat maintains a constant temperature.5 Hepcidin levels increase as a response to inflammatory stimuli or elevated iron levels, ultimately reducing dietary iron absorption.4  


Inflammatory Response

Strenuous physical exercise causes joint and muscle inflammation, triggering the hepcidin response.  Just when the body needs more iron to create more red blood cells to supply the body with more oxygen, iron is sequestered, and iron absorption is inhibited.  Other factors that trigger iron regulation include training frequency, exercise modality, and nutritional practices.4 The harder you work out, the more iron you need, and yet are less likely to absorb. 

Your Iron Status Matters

“Iron status is an important determinant of athletic performance, particularly when the iron dependent activities, like regular exercise, cannot meet the body’s high energy demand.”2 Considering many athletes are often iron deficient as a result of iron losses occurring during training from hemolysis, hematuria, sweating, rhabdomyolysis, and gastrointestinal bleeding, the hepcidin response blunts the athletic body from absorbing iron when it needs it most.2


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